About the Author


Author Carol Weakland has always been enthralled by the legends of King Arthur.  Raised in a family of avid readers, she first began experiencing which she calls twilight dreaming episodes in her teens where she received vital information that eventually became the Morgen of Avalon series.  There were, however, many life experiences that still awaited Carol before she could ultimately begin writing this piece.  Highly creative, she studied acting and speech communications at Youngstown State University, where she also received a Masters degree in English literature.  A great love for acting lead her across the United States and eventually to the Northern Virginia area where she created Great Expectations Theatrical Productions, which is specifically geared toward bringing classic literary works to life on stage.  She also began to adapt novels such as “A Tale of Two Cities” and “Wuthering Heights” into plays which she   produced and directed at that time.  Eventually, she created ten different one woman shows based on classic works such as “Jane Eyre” and “The Turn of the Screw” that allow her to showcase a unique brand of acting and story-telling into an intimate, engaging theatrical experience.  “Morgen of Avalon: Dreamspell” is her newest offering that has been performed at all kinds of venues from First Night Celebrations to Middle School Medieval Days.

She has worked for a US Senator, as a Naturalist Interpreter and a Caregiver, among many other professions.  It wasn’t until her darling cat, Heathcliff, fell ill that she began studying Reiki healing practices.  She also started what became an eleven year quest of traveling religiously to the United Kingdom with her mother so she could walk the land of famous Arthurian sites such as Glastonbury, South Cadbury, Arthur’s seat in Edinburgh, Bathhampton, Caerleon, Chester, Conwy, and an endless variety of other places that found their home in the Morgen novels.  These were the missing components that needed to be addressed before she could properly begin the series.  “The Arthurian Trilogy” came first, however, a series of plays based on the legends of King Arthur.  This is what Carol calls her blueprint for the Morgen series, although it is told much more from a male perspective.  It took Carol well over eleven years to complete Dreamspell, always working at odd jobs and performing various one woman shows.  Thankfully, now that the first book and the Arthurian outline are in place, book two, “Child of Destiny” is fleshing out at a rapid pace.  A final book Epiphany will follow before Carol begins the time travel series which unites modern day Jocelyn with Merlin and a host of familiar Arthurian characters in The Hidden Legacy