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The Morgen of Avalon Books

“Weakland is a talented writer…(who) admirably weaves pacifistic themes in a novel thrawt with war.”  Foreword Clarion Review

Forget everything you know about Morgan Le Fay and enter the world of Morgen of Avalon.

Book One

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Morgen of Avalon: DreamspellDreamspell

She was King Arthur’s healer, his love, the Faerie Queen destined to help him evoke peace throughout war torn Britannia. And so Avalon’s brightest hope became human.

Mortality proves a double-edged sword that dulls Morgen’s memories, especially when fate separates her from Arthur at birth. Magical in every sense of the word, the new found princess so irritates High King Uther Pendragon that he imprisons her in a nunnery where she forgets her purpose — even her connection to Arthur. What can she have in common with a brother who instigates bloodshed every time he enters a battlefield? How can they share the same peaceful goals? Darkness clouds all perception until Merlin, a mysterious enchanter, captures Morgen’s affections. This arch mage holds the key to uniting warrior and fairy, if he ignores the secret longings of his own heart. Passion and prophecy consume Morgen as she finds herself torn between two vastly different men while the battle for Britannia increases its fury.  Will the power of pure love redeem all?

Book Two

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Introduces King Arthur’s Camelot and the legendary court of miracles

Morgen of Avalon: Child of DestinyChild of Destiny

Morgen of Avalon

She was King Arthur’s healer,

his love,

the Faerie Queen destined to help him maintain a peaceful Britannia.

Britannia is at last a peaceful nation thanks not only to Arthur’s successful military campaign, but also his clever negotiations that offer Morgen’s daughter, Eliana, as a bride for the Saxon Prince. Feeling utterly betrayed, Morgen spirits Eliana into an enchanted tower that hides its ever changing face from the world of man kind – including Arthur, Merlin and everyone who threatens the child’s existence. There Eliana witnesses life through the medium of a magic mirror until a dashing knight captures her attention and she longs for more. Somehow Morgen must lift the curse that haunts Eliana, even if it means pitting herself against Morgause and the powers of darkness. When Morgen finally returns to Camelot, she is forced to make a dreadful choice. Will she allow Arthur to join Eliana and Cynric in marriage for the peace of Britannia, or will she offer her precious daughter the chance to experience true love – even if it means sacrificing herself in the process?

Here is a brief section of the novel which addresses Morgen’s abduction of her daughter:


     Suddenly Merlin’s arms were around her, one settling at her waist, while the other reached up to stroke the hair from her eyes.  Time shivered and split, conveying them back to the courtyard at Caerleon.  Merlin’s lips blazed against her throat.  All was passion and stardust. “Show me what it means to be in love,” Morgen’s sixteen year old self cried.  “Be my soul forevermore!”
     Closer and closer Merlin pulled Morgen, fingertips placed against the delicate planes of her forehead and skull.  “Now you know the truth,” he whispered.  “I have always loved you, Morgen.  Indeed, I love you still.  Nothing will ever change that.”
     “Then why?” she breathed, conscious that he supported her weight by the slight pressure of his fingertips.  She was dizzy, falling deeper, deeper into starlight itself.  The universe cradled her in its sheltering embrace.
     It was safe to tell the truth, to reveal her secret, safe and highly advisable.
     “You are all stardust and moonbeam.  You share their essence.”
     Merlin’s words, a haunted memory, stirred her back to the present.  The mage was sifting through her mind for answers, scouring her soul, but it did not matter.  One question drove out all other thought.
     “Why did you set me free?”
     “I thought that was rather obvious…  I stepped aside so Arthur would finally claim you.”
     Morgen tried to respond, but found it impossible, so dazzled was she by Merlin’s celestial gaze.  She was light; she was air.
     “Where is Eliana, beloved?  As her father it is my right to know.”
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Book Three


The final chapter in the Morgen of Avalon saga…

Future Arthurian Books

The Jocelyn time travel series begins with:

The Hidden Legacy

Jocelyn, a lovely young tour guide from the mid-western United States, is obsessed with the legends of King Arthur.  After saving a little from each paycheck for many years, she travels to the United Kingdom and finds herself drawn to a mysterious cave that boasts a host of fascinating artifacts, including one very imprisoned, Merlin, the enchanter.  Utilizing his last magical reserves, Merlin sends Jocelyn back to the age of Camelot in the hopes that she can find Morgen and convince her of Merlin’s unbelievable plight.  What follows is a divine quest that pits innocent Jocelyn against the lascivious Morgause and a host of Arthurian characters who force her to question her own origins.

The Starseed

Other Writings

Land of the Twilight MistLand of the Twilight Mist

(Young Adult Fantasy)

Available on in paperback and on Kindle

Land of the Twilight Mist focuses on a group of earthbound angels that have been imprisoned by a demon’s curse in a dimension that opens only at night.  Young Diana Sherwood may be the key to their release — if only she is brave enough to claim her destiny.  Is she the guardian foretold in legend who will free the angels, help them battle the deadly demon, Bran?

This is a contemporary fantasy, a coming of age/quest novel written for ages ten years and up — that questions what you believe about eternity.


“The Arthurian Trilogy”

This is a series of plays that focus on the legacy of King Arthur. Filled with a healthy dose of magic, mystery, romance and good old fashioned swordplay, each segment of “The Arthurian Trilogy” can either be performed on consecutive nights or stand alone.

Arthurian Trilogy Part OnePart One: Arthur and Merlin: The Making of a King

Available on in paperback

In part one King Arthur has been taken to Avalon after the battle of Camlann. As the play opens, Morgen, the enchantress, struggles to heal his wounds. Unable to stop his rapid deterioration, she conjures a spell that casts Arthur into the world of dreams. There, he will reside, until Morgen finds the means to heal him. This dreamspell involves weaving the images of Arthur’s life around him. This enables both Arthur and Merlin to live again through the vision. In the first act the young Arthur meets Merlin and begins a daily ritual of study in the art of life. Although Arthur has no idea why he is being trained by the enchanter, he accepts the knowledge with great enthusiasm. Unfortunately teacher and student are often interrupted by a variety of people including Arthur’s foster brother Cai, his friend Bedivere, and two petty kings, Lot and Urien, who seek the life of an unnamed foundling. Merlin makes certain that Arthur is spirited away each time these dangerous men arrive. Finally Arthur learns the truth about his true heritage when his father, the dying King Uther, calls him to court. Poisoned by the lacivious Morgause, Uther proclaims Arthur his heir, but not before Lot and Urien mount a full scale insurrection that threatens not only Arthur and his family but the whole of Britannia. This play has an estimated running time of two hours.

Arthurian Trilogy Part TwoPart Two: Arthur, King of the Britons

Available on in paperback

The Arthurian Trilogy is a series of plays based on the legends of King Arthur. Filled with romance, magic, mystery and swordplay they are sure to delight and entertain. Each may be performed individually or on consecutive nights. Part Two finds Arthur battling Saxons and petty kings before an enforced peace spills across Britannia. This is a time of miracles when Camelot, the grand utopia, and the legendary round table are born. It is also a time of unrest. The deadly Morgause sets in motion a grand scheme that threatens Arthur, Guenevere and the whole of Britannia.

Part Three: The Grail, Redemption and Betrayal

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