Morgen of Avalon

The Characters

Morgen of Avalon: (Our Heroine)

Avalon’s Faerie Queen, one of the founders of Britannia, a title she shares with Arthur, her Other self. Distraught by the overall deterioration of her homeland, she adopts human form to help Arthur evoke peace. Unfortunately, King Uther effectively keeps them apart throughout much of their early lives. Passionate to a fault, Morgen has a difficult time processing emotions, due to her inexperience with mortality and often they are larger, more expressive then can be easily handled. Gifted with the powers of prophecy and healing, she becomes an enchantress of the highest order. She is also Avalon’s divine representative at court. Although she never marries in this life, she is Arthur’s paramour. Mother to Eliana, Rose and Lohot. Half sister to Morgause.

Arthur Pendragon:

Britannia’s legendary High King, war lord, victor of Badon Hill and creator of the peace treaty that binds Eliana to Cynric, the Saxon prince. Virtuous and wise, he is also the founder of Camelot, the court of miracles and the order of the round table. Above all he is a founder of Britannia, a title he shares with Morgen, his Other self. Although married to Queen Guenevere, Arthur is bound to Morgen, his paramour, throughout time. Father to Mordred, Rose and Lohot.

Merlin, the Enchanter:

The epitome of sly wit and unparalleled spiritual wisdom, this legendary arch mage also possesses a romantic heart, which although rarely seen, makes its presence known in Dreamspell. Merlin boasts a mysterious connection with Cernunnos, Celtic God of the Underworld and lord of all animals. Most notably identified as Arthur’s teacher, he eventually becomes his court advisor. He is also Camelot’s chief architect, a member of the order of the round table and Morgen’s first ‘mortal’ love. Father to Eliana.

Morgause, the Red Witch:

Queen Igrainne’s daughter by Gorlois of Cornwall, Arthur’s half-sister. A bitter, vengeful woman who blames King Uther and Merlin for her father’s death, an event which renders her less than an orphan, virtually forgotten until she is married off to petty king Lot of Lothian. Determined to make every last member of Uther’s family pay, she seduces Arthur when he is only sixteen and vows to use their child, Mordred, as his means of destruction. Mother to Gawain, Aggravaine, Gaheris, Gareth and Mordred.


A copper – haired giant of a man, crippled by Lot who boasts a volatile disposition. He is Arthur’s foster brother, eventually becomes the court seneschal. Once Kay accepts Morgen’s healing, he continues the ‘over the top’ tongue lashings he heaps upon his staff, but it is much more comedic in orientation. Morgen holds him in the highest regard, as does Arthur. Kay is a great favorite amongst the Companions. Married to Brandwen, father of Mara, Ella and Stalene.


The warrior bard who boasts exceptional gifts both with the harp and on the battlefield. Although he is one of Arthur’s Companions, he is pledged to protect Morgen at all cost. Often Morgen sees a shadow self standing behind him, but it is not until book two that she fully understands its origins. Accolon is hopelessly enamored of Morgen and becomes her lover for a brief time.


Arthur’s captain on the battle field, his best friend and at times his regent. A small, exceptionally wiry knight, who loves court gossip and is the first to know all forms of breaking news. Despite this at times unsavory characteristic, he is very intelligent, loyal and highly talented at plotting battle strategy. Married to Mala, father of Michael and Clyden .


The gorgeous, often misunderstood High Queen of Britannia, Arthur’s wife, princess of Carmalide. Guenevere’s true nature is kind, but she is naturally jealous of Morgen’s rapport with Arthur. Rescued from a Pictish ambush by Lancelot while still a young maid, the two form a deep, lasting relationship that continues even after they are both married to others. She is a great advocate for women and children and spends time with her escort, Accolon, touring the country-side, offering aid whenever possible. Although tolerant of Morgen at first, she soon finds an ally in Mother Agatha, and together they work towards having Avalon’s Faerie Queen permanently removed from court.


The High Queen’s champion, her paramour, one of Arthur’s earliest companions (knights of the round table.) Orphaned at a very young age, he stumbles across a small band of Picts intent on attacking Guenevere. Utilizing ingenuity and his legendary skill at combat, he dispatches the Picts and falls in love with the beautiful princess. Lancelot is a true manic personality, capable of uncontrollable outbursts of emotion, which often gets him into trouble, even sends him out alone in the wilderness until he stumbles across an enchanted tower and his world changes forevermore.


The daughter of two highly magical parents, Eliana earns the title, Britannia’s savior, for it is her proposed marriage to Cynric, the saxon prince, that will solidify the formerly warring factions into a unified whole. Cursed by Morgause at birth, she begins aging at a rapid rate until Morgen’s intervention sets her free. Hidden within an enchanted tower, she watches the world unfold through the portal of her magic mirror. Myrddin, the white stag, is her perpetual guide and friend. Like Morgen, she is faerie born, and therefore her emotions are so raw that they often overrun her fragile hold on sanity.


A magical babe whose future is bright, indeed! Any further description will give away too much of the plot for Child of Destiny.


Petty king of north Wales. Seductively devious, Urien treads the line between villain and hero with finesse. You are never quite certain which side he supports. Lot of Lothian is his early ally in crime. Morgause is his mistress, a choice which often gets him into trouble. He repeatedly tries to wed Morgen, finds her absolutely intoxicating. A dangerous, but rather attractive man.


King Uther:

He is Arthur’s father, former High King of Britannia. A strong, militarily gifted, overbearing man with an often volatile temper, known for his attraction to women, Uther fairly sleeps his way through Britannia’s female population until Igrainne, the wife of his ally, Gorlois, captures his heart. Shortly after Arthur’s birth, he asks Merlin to spirit the child away, raise him in ignorance of his title, for his life is already sought by petty kings such as Lot and Urien. Intolerant of Morgause and Morgen, he finds himself an indifferent father. Dies of Poisoning.

Queen Igrainne:

Arthur’s mother, wife to Uther and former High Queen of Britannia. Igrainne’s beauty is such that it turns Uther against her first husband, Gorlois, his former ally. Although Merlin is often thought to be the key figure in orchestrating their union, Igrainne and Uther are true soul mates and forever loyal to each other after marriage. She is credited for finding Morgen as a foundling child and secretly adopting her without Uther’s knowledge or consent. She possesses genuine affection for all her children, but they are secondary to her love for Uther. Mother to Morgause and Arthur. Adoptive mother to Morgen.

 Sister (Mother) Agatha:

Amesbury Abbey’s notorious matron who works for Uther, despises Morgen and tries to cut her hair. She is reintroduced into the mix with Child of Destiny as an ally for Guenevere.

The Sisterhood of Avalon:


Also known as Sister Portenia. She is the crone aspect of the sacred feminine, Avalon’s wisest, most grounded sister. A gnome.

Cliton and Gliton:

They are the fair flower faeries of the Avalon sisterhood.


The proud, spirited salamander, or fire faerie, of the sacred sisters. She, too, is bound to a mortal love whose identity will be revealed in Child of Destiny. Quite often Glitonea appears to be opposed to Morgen’s ideals.


She is the sister most attuned to animals and fauna.


The Naiad, or water spirit of the sacred sisterhood. Very shy, she is clearly attuned to Eliana as a former teacher.

Thetis and Thitis:

Twin faeries who are attuned to the air (Slyphs.)