“The first thing I noticed about Ms. Weakland’s Arthurian themed novel is the quality of the writing.  It seemed to me the author MUST be British, for she uses the English language more beautifully than one usually finds to be the case with Americans.”  — August Hunt, author of The Mysteries of Avalon


This table of contents reflects events prior to — as well as those which occur throughout Book One in the Morgen of Avalon saga.


468 AD — Uther is crowned High King of Britannia, Uther and Igrainne meet, fall in love.  Igrainne’s husband, Gorlois is killed in battle.  Uther weds Igrainne.

469 AD — Arthur’s birth at the Winter Solstice, Merlin quickly spirits him away from court.  Arthur is raised by Sir Ector.

471 AD — Morgen assumes mortal form as a changeling child.  After the death of her own infant daughter, Igrainne discovers Morgen and adopts her without Uther’s knowledge or consent.

479 AD — Arthur begins his training with Merlin.

483 AD — Morgen so angers Uther with her magic that he places her in Amesbury Abbey under the care of Sister Agatha.  Morgen meets Merlin and begs him to become her teacher.  She also sees Arthur from a distance, but the two do not yet meet.

484 AD —  Morgen returns to Avalon.  Uther becomes ill due to poisoning, retreats with Igrainne to St. Albans Monastery.  He bids Merlin to present Arthur before he dies.  Lot and Urien orchestrate the insurrection at St. Albans.  Uther dies as a result of Morgause’s poisons.  Morgen and Arthur meet for the first time at Uther’s death bed.  Arthur is crowned king after he frees Excalibar from the stone. Morgause seduces Arthur. The first of Arthur’s legendary twelve battles begin with an engagement at the mouth of the river Gleni.

485 AD — Arthur’s next four battles occur near the river Duglas. Most of this turmoil is due to the infighting amongst the petty kings unwilling to accept Arthur as High King.  Mordred is born.

486AD — The sixth battle is fought between the British and the Saxons.  It falls near the river Bassas.  Sensing Arthur’s exhaustion, Lot draws Arthur north and attacks at the Battle of Celidon Woods.  This is where Kay receives his severe wounds.  Morgen connects with Arthur through the waters of Avalon during the turmoil and calls on the sisterhood to stop the fighting of brother against brother.  Arthur drives the Saxons away from Gurnion Castle (Battle Eight.)  Arthur establishes a peace treaty with Lot and urien, then calls Morgen to his training grounds at Caerleon.

487 AD — Morgen falls in love with Merlin, her teacher.  Arthur professes his love for Morgen.  The battle of the City of Legion aka Caerleon follows.  Cedric attacks on the eve of Samhein, Morgen’s sixteenth birthday.  Arthur sends Morgen to Glastonbury Abbey, while he, Merlin and the Companions set off on a new campaign to cleanse the land once and for all.

488 AD –– Eliana is born late winter as the Picts attack Arthur near Tribruit.

 489 AD — Merlin runs mad after the Battle at the River Tribruit.  Morgen assists Arthur at the Battle of Mt. Agned and strikes a bargain with the Morrigan.  Lot sides with the Saxons and is killed by Arthur.  The British are victorious but Arthur remains behind to burn the dead.  This costs him dearly for a winter storm descends and the British forces remained trapped in caves, suffering from starvation until Cernunnos sends his great gift.

 490 AD — At spring thaw Arthur and his forces stop at Lothian hillfort, under Gawain’s hospitality.  Morgause has removed to Orkney with her younger children.  The final battle of Badon Hill occurs.  Cedric tries to burn everything, including the British forces, to the ground, but Arthur and Morgen are victorious.  Arthur creates the peace treaty that binds Eliana (daughter of Morgen and Merlin) to Cynric, Cedric’s son.