Magical Workshops



Have you ever wondered if faeries are real? I offer a magical workshop entitled – Sacred Avalon Faerie Workshop”” in a natural setting that helps us connect through each of the elements. This workshop will identify different nature spirits, such as gnomes, sylphs, undines and salamanders.  Participants will engage in faerie interaction through discussion, observation and guided meditation.



Sacred Avalon Faerie Workshop

September 25th, 9am-12:00pm

At …. Park, …, Indiana

Are you drawn to the wonder of nature?  Does the thought of communing with fairies make your soul sing? Come, join author, actress and story-teller Carol Weakland on a magical, one of a kind workshop that introduces participants to gnomes, salamanders, undines and sylphs through discussion, exploration, meditations and rituals!  Fairies are the guardians of Nature and they have so much to share with us!


Do you long to re-establish a special connection to Nature and delight in the faerie magic found coursing through every breeze, sun beam, lake and rock?

Do the mysteries of Mother Earth and the divine feminine whisper to you day and night.

Are you stuck in a rut, tired of the same schedule, day in and day out?

Is it healing you seek – of the heart, mind, body and spirit?

The Sacred Avalon Fairie Workshop is your answer!

Call: Tamara’s Phone # or e-mail Carol at [email protected].  The cost is $30.00 per person.  You can also read more about Carol’s faerie tours, retreats and workshops, as well as her faerie series, Morgen of Avalon at!



Please email me for more information – [email protected] Blessings!