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Sacred Avalon explores the mystical isle from the Faerie Tradition.  Come,  journey through the veil that separates mankind from Avalon so you may experience the teachings of her ancient mystery school, a university of the soul which promotes peace, healing and a realization in the oneness of all things. Guided meditations focus on The Lady of the Lake, Morgen and the Sisterhood. We finish with an ancient peace invocation. Call Carol at 330 782-4322 for information

Creative Inspiration

Public Speaking

Creative Inspiration.  People always ask me where I get ideas for my books.  This presentation focuses on how you can gain insight through dreams, nature and guides.  Call 330 782-4322 for information.

Morgen Through the Ages

Public Speaking

Morgen Through the Ages explores how the ancient Celtic Goddess has been altered into a dark evil sorcerous through out the ages.  It is an exploration of the divine feminine.  Call 330 782-4322